Click, Connect, Create: The World of Annahi,
UX/UI Designer

Click, Connect, Create: The World of Annahi, UX/UI Designer

The Journey Begins Here

The California sunshine wasn't enough to keep me grounded – at least not entirely. As a first-generation college student in Los Angeles, I found myself captivated by the world of UX/UI design after taking an informatics class. It was like stepping into a whole new creative dimension, and I haven't looked back since.

From Vision to User Interaction

I'm passionate about translating a client's vision into an experience that not only looks good but also resonates with users on an emotional level. It's about sparking that "aha!" moment and making user interaction intuitive and delightful.

Experience with a Slice of Everything

My UI/UX design experience spans diverse industries, from crafting user-friendly interfaces for the public sector to creating engaging experiences for the fast-paced gaming industry and the health and fitness world. This breadth of exposure has allowed me to develop a strong understanding of user needs across different contexts.

For example, while leading the design team for M.I.T.'s public sector project, I
developed a comprehensive training program to help my teammates master new design tools and processes, based on the insights gained from my capstone project, Audioasis. This experience honed my ability to communicate design concepts effectively, foster collaboration within the team, and manage multiple priorities in an agile environment.

Out side of design, entrepreneurship is another passion of mine. During college, I co-founded a successful pizza company alongside my family. We crafted authentic Neapolitan pizza dough, bringing smiles to our customers and fostering a strong sense of community. This experience instilled in me the importance of understanding customer needs and exceeding expectations – values that directly translate into my design approach.

Travel: Fueling the Creative Fire

Traveling the world is a core part of who I am. It's not just about ticking locations off a bucket list; it's about immersing myself in different cultures and gaining new perspectives. Every encounter, every landscape, broadens my horizons and fuels my creativity, allowing me to approach design challenges with a fresh outlook.

Let's Connect

Are you looking for a designer who can:

  • Bring your vision to life with a user-centric approach and a dash of global inspiration?

  • Craft exceptional user experiences that resonate on an emotional level?

  • Become a valuable asset to your team with a friendly, diverse perspective?

Then I am the perfect fit for your company! I'd love to connect and discuss how I can help you achieve your design goals.

My Resume

Download my resume for a deeper dive into my experience and skillset and connect with me on LinkedIn!

Download my resume for a deeper dive into my experience and skillset and connect with me on LinkedIn!

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